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Here is the documents to aware and info the use of website.

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This web site is design to support all latest web browsers. Freely to browse all the pages of website and for download original image is limited to 100 images per day per IP address. Please don’t use any script or automated access site software to can cause site slow and delay response. This is free resource given by us so prefer to use this website genially. We are storing your IP address to get safety and to aware form any hackers.


Direct hyper linking to images and other large files hosted by is strictly prohibited without our permission. You are permitted only small preview images to link directly any web pages but that not guaranteed.

Disclaimer is a publicly supported website with lots of images and data collected from free source of internet including free images sharing community, free images and wallpaper website. Posted content in on this website are copyrighted by their respective authors. publishing and posting images with watermarking of that only purpose of publicity of domain name. That doesn’t mean we have copy rights. If you have any objection to with any images published in our website please Contact Us with image title and url. adding water on the all images and wallpapers only for to identify that whoa.In is hosting that images and wallpapers.